Support for Games we Like

We like games, and we love local and kick-started games. Whether it's a game that is newly funded and needs to be shown to the world, or a small developer that caught our eye, we try to bring refreshing tabletop experiences to our store whenever we can! Come see what we are supporting, or let us know about a game to look into!

Fallen Land

Made in Iowa City, IA. This locally made game is an excellent mix of strategy, card building, role playing, and sandbox play. Definitely recommended for fans of economic strategy, political tactics with adventure elements, and "last man stranding" win conditions. 

A Rasp of Sand

A new rogue-like RPG using the KNAVE system. A successful kickstarter, A Rasp of Sand uses morale, inventory, and randomly generated gear and board construction to lead you deep into the land of AROS. 

Blood on the Clock Tower

A new bluffing game for up to 20 players. Heavily developed along with players, Blood on the Clocktower pits victims against a player that is a hidden demon in an attempt to find their killer.

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